Oct 8 2012

Cord Blood Banking Cost Depends on the Bank That You Use

Posted by Martin Smithmyer

You may be surprised to see how much cord blood banking cost vary, depending on the company that you use. At Americord, we keep our prices low to make saving cord blood possible and affordable for most families. Some companies charge twice as much as we do for cord blood banking. Almost all companies charge an annual storage fee of around $125, but we do not charge any additional fees to store your baby’s cord blood for 20 years. We also offer these advantages:

  • Our cost includes an FDA Approved C-Section Bag
  • We collect in all 50 states
  • There is no cancellation fee
  • We offer an $90,000 guarantee


You can be assured that our professionals follow best practices for cord blood banking. Our Medical Director was the Executive Medical Director at ViaCord and is considered to be one of the founders of the industry. We will not charge your credit card until your baby is born and the cord blood collection has reached our laboratory. We will be happy to send a collection kit to your home at your request. Remember that about half of all babies are born before their due date, so you will want to get your kit as soon as possible. We can also send it by courier to your hospital.

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