Jun 17 2016

5 Reasons Dads Love Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Banking

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Check out these 5 Reasons why dads love cord blood and cord tissue banking.

1. Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Banking can protect your child when they can’t.

There is no one better to handle a scraped knee or biking accident than your dad. Cord blood (HSCs) and cord tissue (MSCs) will be there if the medical need is more serious. They each contain stem cells that can have potentially life saving characteristics.  As of 2016, there are over 80 diseases that can be treated with cord blood and 344 clinical trials involving cord tissue treatments; and these numbers are only increasing. 

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2.  Cord Blood is a family insurance policy.

Cord blood can do more than just protect your baby. It can be a possible genetic match to siblings and parents. There is a 50% chance that a sibling will be a 100% match to the cord blood. There is a 25% chance that a parent will be a 100% match to the cord blood.

3. MSCs are a family tissue.

MSCs which are found in the umbilical cord tissue can be a genetic match to anyone in your family. Different from cord blood, MSCs are used to treat muscle, fat, bone, and cartilage tissues.  They are especially unique because they can regenerate and do not have to be a close genetic match to those who use them for treatments because they are immune tolerant. Read MSCs-Found in Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord for more on MSCs.


4. It provides them with peace of mind.

Americord provides parents with peace of mind in two ways: they offer 20 years of free storage and cord blood 2.0. With Americord Cord Blood 2.0, parents are able to bank up to twice as many stem cells s the industry average, extending the period of protect for your child. Cord blood protection is based on weight. The industry average is a child up to 65 pounds, Americord can protect your child up to 165 pounds. 

cord blood banking statistics


5. Cord Blood banking is the science technology tool they’ll love to talk about.

Dads geek out over the their latest tools and technology. Cord blood and cord tissue banking is continuing to evolve by introducing new technology and treating new diseases.  Its advancements give dad something to talk about and knowledge to show off at all your family parties. 


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