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What You Can Expect from Americord®

Americord is the fastest-growing cord blood, cord tissue, placental tissue and exosome bank in the United States, and a leader in the advancement of the field. The stem cells that can be collected from these sources are at the center of the development of regenerative medicine that will revolutionize how we treat a host of conditions.

At Americord, our greatest priority is our customers, who choose to invest in the future of their newborns with us. This priority is why Americord is dedicated to constantly assessing and improving customer service, but also pursuing research and partnerships that will help move the field of stem cell medicine forward.

Americord Registry, Inc. is an Inc 5000 fastest growing company 2015-2019.

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Americord’s® Executive Medical Director, Dr. Robert Dracker, is a leading hematologist and architect of the New York State Cord Blood Banking guidelines

We use the only sterile, FDA-approved cord blood bag

Americord’s® 3-in-1 Collection Kit is backed by clinical outcomes and rigorous testing

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Americord’s innovative Cord Blood 2.0® process enables you to preserve up to two times as many stem cells

We partner with leading institutions and research scientists to develop innovative cord blood, cord tissue, placental tissue and exosome banking technologies

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Americord’s innovative Cord Blood 2.0® process enables you to preserve up to two times as many stem cells


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What Parents Who Banked Have to Say

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“I had a million questions about cord blood banking. The staff at Americord answered them all and even explained complicated things about stem cells in plain language. They also walked me through the different options and payment plans and helped me find the one that was right for me.”

Sameer B.
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“When I began researching cord blood banks, I wanted to find the one with the highest standards – even if that meant I had to pay more. What a great surprise to find out that I could get the best service and the highest quality at half the price with Americord!”
Heather R.
“We decided to save our baby’s stem cells because it seems like every day there are new treatments for diseases that used to be incurable. We chose Americord because it is constantly investing in innovations in stem cell preservation and it offers cord blood products that are not available from other companies.”
“Given the advances in genetic research and the potential for life saving or possibly advancing technology, I felt it would be an investment in our child’s health to save his cord blood. After shopping around, Americord offers the most value and was extremely customer friendly. This was important to me, being a first time mother. I am recommending Americord to all of my friends.”