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Americord Releases Advanced Newborn Health Screening: Saliva Kits are Here

Americord, a leader in the stem cell banking industry, announced the launch of their newest product – myNewborn Health Screening, a genomic screening test using Whole Exome Sequencing to analyze a newborn’s DNA for pathogenic variants related to actionable childhood-onset diseases.

myNewborn offers screening for more than 390 genetic conditions that onset during early childhood and require guidance for timely and effective interventions. By analyzing 407 genes associated with these conditions, myNewborn provides comprehensive insights that can help parents take proactive steps to ensure their child’s health and wellbeing from the very beginning. The test is available for healthy or asymptomatic newborns and children in the first three years of life.

Partnered with Veritas Genetics, a LetsGetChecked company, this expansion provides more opportunities for parents to get involved in their child’s health early on. This addition positions Americord as a family resource for not only biobanking services, but critical health screening insights after birth.

Americord’s biobanking services are designed for expecting mothers and families. Their suite of health-focused services includes cord blood, cord tissue, placental tissue, and exosome banking. With the addition of newborn genomic services to this list, Americord aims to continue being a dedicated resource for you by better equipping families for the future.

“We are thrilled to offer parents the opportunity to learn more about their child’s DNA from such an early age,” said Martin Smithmyer, Founder of Americord. “The information provided by myNewborn health screening can be incredibly valuable for parents who want to make informed decisions about their child’s health and wellbeing.”

myNewborn is an impactful medical advancement that will change the way parents play a more active role in their child’s health. This DNA testing kit offers parents the opportunity to gain valuable insights into their child’s genetic makeup right from birth.The results are presented in an easy-to-understand report that highlights important genetic traits and potential health risks, allowing for personalized medical care in the future.

For more information about myNewborn Advanced Health Screening visit our site here.


About Americord

Americord is the industry leader in preserving stem cells from umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord tissue, and the amniotic membrane of the placenta, allowing parents to help keep their families healthy for life by preserving cells for future use. Americord also develops therapeutics from these tissues to improve clinical outcomes for the general population. Americord is registered with the FDA and is committed to operating within the highest ethical and regulatory standards. Americord acknowledges that exosomes are not FDA-approved for use in treatments or products. Americord does not claim exosomes have any current therapeutic benefit. The client understands that they bank their child’s exosomes for use in clinical trials and research which may provide utility in the future.

About Veritas Genetics

Veritas Genetics, owned by LetsGetChecked, is an industry leader in making testing accessible and frictionless. Founded by genomics leaders from Harvard Medical School and MIT, including Dr. George Church, the company has received multiple awards, including CNBC’s Disruptor50, MIT Technology Review’s 50 Smartest Companies, and Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies.

About LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked is a global healthcare solutions company that provides the tools to manage health from home through access to testing, genetic sequencing and insights, virtual consultations, and medication delivery for a wide range of health and wellness conditions. LetsGetChecked’s end-to-end model includes manufacturing, logistics, lab analysis, clinician support, and prescription fulfillment. Founded in 2015, the company empowers people with accessible health information and care to live longer, happier lives.

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