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Americord® Releases Exosomes Banking with CryoMaxx™ Processing

Americord’s proprietary CryoMaxx™ Processing method isolates and concentrates the exosomes from the plasma portion of the cord blood. Once processed, exosomes are cryogenically preserved in liquid nitrogen tanks at -196 degrees Fahrenheit. Americord offers 20-year and lifetime exosome storage plans.

Today, there are currently no FDA-approved treatments, but researchers and scientists are studying these tiny vesicles for more than 100 clinical trials researching numerous applications for exosomes. These clinical trials include treatments for pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, metastatic melanoma, platelet function, blood coagulation and inflammatory diseases, and neuro-degeneration. 

“We’re proud to be the first biobanking company in the United States to offer exosome banking, ” Martin Smithmyer, CEO of Americord Registry says. “Scientists in Americord’s research facility are focused on creating a new generation of innovative services and processes that will provide real-world solutions to families facing challenging medical needs. Exosome banking was a logical next step.”

Since 2008, Americord has aimed to improve and extend human life, leading the field with cutting-edge and proprietary cell and tissue-based therapeutics and services, including the cryopreservation of stem cells for newborns and their families for future therapeutic use.

Americord acknowledges that exosomes are not FDA-approved for use in treatments or products. Americord does not claim exosomes have any current therapeutic benefit. The client understands that they bank their child’s exosomes for use in clinical trials and research which may provide utility in the future.

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