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Meet the team

Martin Smithmyer

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Smithmyer founded Americord Registry in 2008. He serves as Chief Executive Officer. Americord is a leader in cord blood banking and in the advancement of umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue banking. It is currently the fastest growing private cord blood bank in the country. With the help of Dr. Robert Dracker, Smithmyer has worked to revolutionize cord blood banking, including being one of the only private cord blood banks currently storing placental tissue. Smithmyer worked in the medical field for a long time before Americord was established. He worked for a Healthcare Investment Banking Group at BMO Capital Markets. He also served as Vice President and Head of Healthcare IT Investment Banking. Mr. Smithmyer received an MBA from American University and graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.

Renee Fitzgerald

Chief Operations Officer

Renee Fitzgerald, Americord’s Chief Operations Officer, works with leadership to direct the execution of Americord’s vision and support growth. Renee believes with resiliency and persistence in vision, Americord will positively impact millions of lives through access to breakthrough regenerative medicine therapies. Renee is Six Sigma Certified, obtains continuing education credits in the area of stem cell science, and has completed Executive Education at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania. Renee holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from American University, Washington DC.

Christina Roccos

Strategic Partner

Christina Roccos, Strategic Partner, acts as an advisor to the Americord Registry team. Prior to working at Americord, Ms. Roccos worked in advertising, marketing, and product development at SourceMedia where she oversaw creative services, marketing, and sales for SourceMedia’s largest revenue channel. Ms. Roccos held similar roles for private organizations in Rome, Italy, for over a decade while also teaching ESL and working as a European Union translator in the energy sector. Ms. Roccos also serves as Board Member for the New York All Stars Project and Trustee of the Development School for Youth, a program of the All Stars Project, a developmental program that provides after-school training and growth activities for inner-city youth. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from Rutgers University.

Jonathan Nissan

Director of Marketing

Jonathan Nissan is the Director of Marketing at Americord Registry, where he oversees all aspects of Marketing & Communications, including managing Americord’s relationships with many of the leading expecting parent platforms and channels. Jonathan also oversees Americord’s outreach and affiliate programs. Prior to joining Americord, Jonathan held management positions overseeing demand generation, growth, and marketing innovation in the Fortune 100 space. Jonathan holds a certificate in digital marketing from New York University and received his Bachelor’s degree from Emory University.

Teddy Doohan

Director of Operations & Client Services

Teddy Doohan is the Director of Operations and Client Services, where he is responsible for the planning and execution of the Americord client journey. Teddy identifies and manages relationships with operational and technology partners, including our accredited laboratory. Teddy is driven by the immense trust that Americord clients put in our ability to get their newborn’s samples safely stored. Teddy has worked in the operations and logistics arena for over 15 years, and has been recognized for his commitment to clients throughout his career. Teddy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Loyola University, Maryland.

Dr. Andrew L’Huillier

Director of Product Development

Dr. Andrew L’Huillier is the Director of Product Development at Americord Registry, where he leads research and development of new products and product improvements, and is investigating new uses for cord blood and tissue, as well as placental tissue. With over 10 years experience in immunology and stem cell research, Dr. L’Huillier has led projects in immuno-oncology and cancer diagnostics, and published in journals including Cancer Research, Cellular & Molecular Immunology, Journal of Immunology, and Cell Stem Cell. Dr. L’Huillier received his Ph.D. in immunology from Rutgers University and his Bachelor’s degree in biology from Saint Joseph’s University.

What Parents Who Banked Have to Say

Testimonials user

“I had a million questions about cord blood banking. The staff at Americord answered them all and even explained complicated things about stem cells in plain language. They also walked me through the different options and payment plans and helped me find the one that was right for me.”

Sameer B.
testimonials user
“When I began researching cord blood banks, I wanted to find the one with the highest standards – even if that meant I had to pay more. What a great surprise to find out that I could get the best service and the highest quality at half the price with Americord!”
Heather R.
“We decided to save our baby’s stem cells because it seems like every day there are new treatments for diseases that used to be incurable. We chose Americord because it is constantly investing in innovations in stem cell preservation and it offers cord blood products that are not available from other companies.”
“Given the advances in genetic research and the potential for life saving or possibly advancing technology, I felt it would be an investment in our child’s health to save his cord blood. After shopping around, Americord offers the most value and was extremely customer friendly. This was important to me, being a first time mother. I am recommending Americord to all of my friends.”