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Choose the #1 parent choice for stem cell banking and genomic testing. Americord helps parents plan for their family’s future today, by securing the health of their child tomorrow.
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Innovation is at the Heart of Everything We Do

The science of regenerative medicine is advancing every day and we are at the forefront. But the solutions that stem cell and perinatal tissue banking offer today are just the beginning. We are ceaselessly searching for promising new discoveries that will offer life-changing solutions to hundreds of health conditions.

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Your Family First, Always

We get it. We’re parents, too. That is why we always put you and your family’s health first. And it is why we will guide and support you throughout the entire stem cell banking process and beyond.

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No Surprises, Ever

We believe in total transparency. This means no cut corners, keeping you informed at every step, always being available to you, and no surprise bills or hidden costs.

Our friend's son was diagnosed with cancer. They had banked his cord blood and it pretty much saved their son's life. When we became pregnant, it wasn't a question if we were going to bank our baby's stem cells, but where. Americord was the right choice for us.

Karen T.
Mother of 2, Nebraska

Everything went so smoothly. The Americord team was amazing. It is such a relief knowing that we've secured the future health of our daughter. I love it. I'm very proud and happy that we know that she's going to be okay.

Sarah R.
Mother of 1, California

We felt comfortable right from the start. It's clear they are genuinely passionate about the families they work with and want to make a difference. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a honest, experienced and top quality cord blood bank. Thank you!

James O.
Father of 2, New Jersey

With Americord, There is a Difference

We have consistently defined the highest standards in the category through scientific innovation, customer service, and total transparency. The result is stem cell banking that’s best in class, more personalized, and more human.
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Cord Blood

Preserve your baby's umbilical cord blood stem cells and use for 80+ FDA approved treatments and 100's of clinical trials.
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Cord tissue banking americord

Cord Tissue

Preserve your baby's umbilical cord tissue and use in 100's of clinical trials to treat baby and family.
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Placental tissue americord

Placental Tissue

Preserve your baby's placental tissue and use in numerous clinical trials to treat baby and family.
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Exosome banking americord


The scientific frontier in regenerative medicine. Preserve powerful exosomes that can stimulate healing in the body.
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A Gift of Life That Keeps on Giving

The odds of being born are 1 in 400 trillion. That’s how special your baby is. When cryogenically preserved, your baby’s stem cells can potentially be used in 80+ FDA-approved treatments and clinical trials for anything from burns to cancers, with more therapies being researched every day.

Can Family Members Benefit From My Baby’s Stem Cells?

It is not just your child that can benefit from the regenerative properties in their stem cells and perinatal tissues. Other family members can also benefit, including parents, siblings, grandparents, and even your baby’s future children.
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Regenerative Medicine

1 in 3 Americans will benefit from regenerative medicine in their lifetime. When you bank your baby's stem cells and perinatal tissues, you are giving them a key to unlocking and accessing new treatment options, for their entire life.

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Be Prepared for the Unknown.

You only have one chance to preserve your baby’s life-saving stem cells, and that’s the day they are born. Secure your family’s health by enrolling in stem cell banking today.

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