Americord advanced tissue cryoprerservation for hospitals and clinics3

Advanced Cryostorage Solutions

Partner with Americord for advanced cryostorage solutions. With over 15 years of experience, we offer secure and reliable storage for cord blood, cord tissue, placental tissue, exosomes, embryos, sperm, eggs, ovarian tissue, and testicular tissue. Contact us today to learn about our comprehensive cryopreservation services for clinics and hospitals.
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Services We Offer

Comprehensive Cryopreservation Services for Hospitals & Clinics in the United States. Ensure the safety and longevity of your patients' valuable biological samples with our state-of-the-art storage solutions.

Cord Blood Storage

Trusted storage solutions for valuable cord blood. Transfer your cord blood to Americord for secure storage.

Cord blood banking americord

Cord Tissue Storage

Advanced preservation of cord tissue for future medical use. Transfer your cord tissue to Americord for reliable storage.

Cord tissue banking americord

Placental Tissue Storage

Reliable storage of placental tissue for regenerative medicine. Transfer your placental tissue to Americord for expert preservation.

Placental tissue americord

Exosome Storage

Cutting-edge storage for exosomes, supporting future medical breakthroughs. Transfer your exosome samples to Americord for innovative storage solutions.

Exosome banking americord

Embryo Storage

Secure and long-term storage solutions for embryos. Transfer your embryo samples to Americord for trusted storage.

Americord embryo storage advanced cryo storage

Sperm Storage

Reliable preservation of sperm samples for future use. Transfer your sperm samples to Americord for expert care.

Americord sperm storage advanced cryo storage

Egg Storage

Advanced cryopreservation of eggs with the highest safety standards. Transfer your egg samples to Americord for secure storage.

Americord egg storage advanced cryo storage

Ovarian Tissue Storage

Specialized storage for ovarian tissue, ensuring optimal preservation. Transfer your ovarian tissue samples to Americord for reliable storage.

Americord ovarian tissue storage advanced cryo storage

Testicular Tissue Storage

Secure and effective storage solutions for testicular tissue. Transfer your testicular tissue samples to Americord for trusted care.

Americord testicular tissue storage advanced cryo storage

Biospecimen Storage

Americord offers comprehensive biospecimen storage solutions, utilizing advanced cryopreservation technology to securely store a wide variety of biological samples for medical research and future treatments.

Americord biospecimen sample storage

The images presented are artist renditions and are for illustrative purposes only. They are not intended to be exact representations of the tissues or sample types.

State-of-the-Art Laboratory Facilities

Americord donation program cost reduction

Cost Reduction

By reducing medical waste disposal costs, our program offers a practical solution to managing healthcare expenses.

Dr. Shanlong conducting an experiment in the laboratory.

Elite Level In-House Lab Team

PhDs, MDs, and Masters-level specialists in our lab.

Americord 247hour remote monitoring for the lab

24/7 Remote Facility Monitoring

Continuous video and temperature surveillance.

Americord fail safe power for the lab

Fail-Safe Power

Robust backup generators prevent any disruptions.

Americord climate controlled lab

Controlled Environment

The temperature & humidity are meticulously maintained.

Liquid nitrogen tank for cryopreservation

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