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Why Choose Americord

At Americord, we provide the highest-quality stem cell processing and the lowest storage rates in the industry, without cutting corners or compromising our level of service.

CryoMaxx™ Processing maximizes endless stem cell utility

5-Compartment Cord Blood Storage Bag

Industry’s highest Cord Blood Quality Guarantee: $110,000

Parent’s #1 choice for cord blood and stem cell banking

Only stem cell bank in the country to offer exosome banking for mom and baby

FDA regulated and AABB Accredited

Questions About Cord Blood Banking?

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Cord blood banking americord
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Cord Blood

Preserve your baby's umbilical cord blood stem cells and use for 80+ FDA approved treatments and 100's of clinical trials.

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Cord tissue banking americord
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Cord Tissue

Preserve your baby's umbilical cord tissue and use in 100's of clinical trials to treat baby and family.

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Placental tissue americord
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Amniotic Placental Tissue

Preserve your baby's placental tissue and use in numerous clinical trials to treat baby and family.

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Exosome banking americord
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The scientific frontier in regenerative medicine. Preserve powerful exosomes that can stimulate healing in the body.

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Why is Stem Cell Processing Important?

(And why you should be wary of others who discount processing.)

Processing your baby’s stem cells is the most important step of the preservation process. How they are handled, processed, and prepared for storage directly affects the usability for future treatments.

Cheaper processing costs means cheaper, corner-cutting processing methods.

At Americord, our scientists’ primary focus is ensuring the highest-level quality processing, each time. CryoMaxx™ Processing maximize stem cell usage and utility, giving families more options for more treatments.
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Be Prepared for the Unknown.

You only have one chance to preserve your baby’s live-saving stem cells, and that’s the day they are born. Secure your family’s heath by enrolling in stem cell banking today.
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