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A New Era of Americord: Reflecting on the Past and Looking to the Future

In a landmark move toward continued innovation and excellence, Americord, a leader in the field of stem cell banking, proudly reveals its rebranded identity, new in-house laboratory, and a continued commitment to providing unparalleled services to expectant parents. 

A Legacy of Excellence

Founded on the pursuit of superior stem cell preservation, Americord's journey began when Co-CEO and Founder, Marty Smithmyer, sought a private stem cell bank for his own daughter’s cord blood stem cells. Frustrated by the lack of both exceptional customer service and high-quality stem cell banking, Americord emerged to fill this void.

Over the past 15 years, Americord has proven its commitment to excellence, becoming a leader of quality and innovation in stem cell banking. Defined by an unwavering dedication to advancing medical science, Americord has not only stayed ahead of the latest scientific discoveries, but has actively contributed to shaping the landscape of stem cell advancements. The dedication to research goes beyond mere industry standards; it reflects a genuine desire to push the boundaries of what is possible in the pursuit of medical excellence.

As the company embarks on its next chapter of evolution, it brings with it a rich history of transformative achievements, setting the stage for an even brighter future in stem cell banking.

Empowering Families Through Innovation

Americord's mission is clear—to help families live longer, healthier lives. Americord has undergone a remarkable evolution in its product offerings since its inception.

Evolving from a focus on cord blood banking, Americord recognizes the immense potential of preserving these precious stem cells for future medical use. As technology advanced and scientific understanding deepened, Americord expanded to offering preservation of mesenchymal stem cells through cord tissue. Shortly after, Americord became a pioneer — offering families access to placental tissue banking. This strategic move positioned Americord as the first private stem cell bank to offer placental tissue banking, setting a new standard in the industry.

In the past two years, Americord has committed to continue providing groundbreaking medical services to expecting families. During this time they introduced exosome banking, an exciting new biobanking service that is available for both mother and baby, along with their advanced newborn health screening test, designed to help families make personalized medical choices with early detection. Smithmyer states, "Through continuous innovation and learning, we are able to educate families and healthcare providers, ensuring the best long-term health outcomes, advice, and options."

The evolution of Americord's product offerings aligns seamlessly with its core values and mission, emphasizing the importance of staying ahead in the rapidly evolving field of stem cell research. As Americord enters this new phase, it stands ready to continue empowering families through innovation.

The Transformation of Americord

This rebranded identity and new website marks a significant milestone for Americord.

Americord's new website provides clarity for expecting parents. Acting as a comprehensive stem cell banking guide seamlessly integrated into a singular online platform, the website serves as a one-stop destination for families seeking education about newborn stem cell banking. The goal is straightforward: to simplify the decision-making process and, in turn, establish Americord as a trusted choice for expecting parents.

In this digital age, Americord recognizes that the online experience is a crucial aspect of the decision-making journey for expecting parents. By offering a wealth of information and a straightforward online purchasing experience, the website serves as a virtual guide, ensuring that families not only understand the importance of stem cell banking, but also feel assured that Americord is the right partner for this significant decision in their child's future health.

State-of-the-Art Facility and Expanded Capabilities

Alongside the rebranding endeavor, Americord has moved to a new in-house laboratory in Somerset, New Jersey. This strategic move serves as a catalyst for the expansion of Americord's research and development endeavors, taking a monumental step toward enhancing the company's capabilities in the field of stem cell banking.

The centerpiece of the new facility is the incorporation of pharmaceutical-grade clean rooms — a testament to Americord's commitment to excellence. These clean rooms not only elevate the quality of Americord's current services, but also unlock the potential for the company to venture into new and adjacent markets. The heightened standards of this state-of-the-art facility reinforce Americord's dedication to precision, ensuring that every step in the stem cell processing journey is executed with the utmost care and adherence to pharmaceutical-grade standards.

Of the many notable features of the expanded space, there are a few worth highlighting. This new lab is approximately three times the size of the existing space, offering increased flexibility and the capacity for future growth. In addition to this, Americord is proud to take on the capability for in-house collection kit production. By bringing kit production in-house, Americord has gained the ability to oversee and optimize every aspect of the assembly process.

The Future is Now

As Americord strides confidently into this new chapter, it extends an open invitation to parents, healthcare professionals, and the broader scientific community to explore the boundless potential of regenerative medicine. This moment is pivotal, representing a future where the power to safeguard the health of loved ones is not just a promise, but a reality.

Explore our new website, be part of our story, and envision a healthier tomorrow with Americord.

About Americord

Americord is an industry leader in preserving stem cells from umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord tissue, and the amniotic membrane of the placenta, allowing parents to help keep their families healthy for life by preserving cells for future use. Americord also develops therapeutics from these tissues to improve clinical outcomes for the general population. Americord is registered with the FDA and is committed to operating within the highest ethical and regulatory standards.


The ultimate use of stem cells derived from newborn umbilical cord blood, perinatal tissues, or exosomes will be determined by the clinical researcher or treating physician, who will consider, among other things, whether they are applicable for the condition and whether they should come from the patient or a suitable donor. There is no guarantee that treatments being studied in the laboratory, clinical trials, or regenerative medicine will be available in the future. Americord acknowledges that exosomes are not FDA-approved for use in treatments or products. Americord does not claim exosomes have any therapeutic benefit. The client understands that they bank exosomes for use in clinical trials and research.