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Americord Announces Cord Blood Awareness Month Promotions

Americord announces free cord blood banking to all families who buy two or more biobanking services now through July 31 in celebration of Cord Blood Awareness Month.

Cord Blood Awareness Month serves as a crucial reminder of the immense potential found within the umbilical cord, a valuable source of stem cells that can be utilized for various medical treatments and therapies. Cord blood is currently FDA-approved to treat over 80 conditions and diseases, in addition to hundreds of clinical trials studying potential treatments.

Customers who purchase any two biobanking services from Americord will receive Cord Blood Banking free. Americord offers a suite of biobanking services, including Cord Blood, Cord Tissue, Placental Tissue, and Exosome Banking. This promotion presents a unique opportunity for parents to safeguard their family’s health by storing their child’s own stem cells and cellular messengers.

“At Americord, we are dedicated to raising awareness about the transformative power of cord blood banking and its potential to revolutionize medical treatments,” said Charlie Boyer, Co-CEO of Americord. “Through our Cord Blood Awareness Month promotions, we aim to make biobanking services more accessible to families, allowing them to secure their child’s future health and well-being with unmatched savings and convenience.”

Americord is also extending a limited-time offer for their existing clients: up to 40% off lifetime storage. Customers who have previously banked with Americord can upgrade their existing storage plans to a lifetime storage plan, ensuring the long-term preservation of their family’s valuable biobanking assets.

For more information on Americord and to take advantage of these limited-time promotions, please visit their website or contact one of their Stem Cell Specialists.


About Americord

Americord is the industry leader in preserving stem cells from umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord tissue, and the amniotic membrane of the placenta, allowing parents to help keep their families healthy for life by preserving cells for future use. Americord also develops therapeutics from these tissues to improve clinical outcomes for the general population. Americord is registered with the FDA and is committed to operating within the highest ethical and regulatory standards. Americord acknowledges that exosomes are not FDA-approved for use in treatments or products. Americord does not claim exosomes have any current therapeutic benefit. The client understands that they bank their child’s exosomes for use in clinical trials and research which may provide utility in the future.

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