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Americord Appoints Charlie Boyer as Co-CEO

Americord Registry, a leader in the stem cell preservation industry, today announced that Charlie Boyer has been promoted to Co-CEO of Americord, effective immediately. Boyer has served as Americord’s Chief Operating Officer since 2020.

“Charlie is an exemplary leader who has been pivotal to the recent successes of Americord. He has been a trusted partner since the beginning and I could not be happier to welcome him as Co-CEO,” said Martin Smithmyer, Co-CEO and founder of Americord. “I have no doubt that our growing partnership will be instrumental in driving the company forward and continuing to provide our clients with innovations to live longer, healthier lives.”

Boyer has continuously led the collaborative effort of customer service, sales, marketing, and R&D to better position Americord as the trusted industry leader. Since 2020, he championed numerous initiatives that aided in further growth of the business, including the opening of an in-house lab and market introduction of new services. Boyer has brought a number of fresh ideas to this team and has realigned the focus of the company toward excellence.

His new role will allow him to manage the day-to-day operation, execute key strategic initiatives, and focus on driving profitability, growth, and overall financial performance. Collaboratively, Boyer and Smithmyer will work on the vision, strategy, and culture of Americord moving forward.

“It has been my privilege to be a part of this company whose sole purpose is to give families access to innovations that may extend and improve human life,” said Boyer. “I am honored that our company’s founder would ask me to work alongside him as Co-CEO to ensure that we make Americord even better for the families that put a lifetime of trust in us.”


Charlie Boyer leads the company’s strategic and operational initiatives. His responsibilities include long-term strategic planning and overseeing the leadership of Americord’s teams. He has held several c-suite roles and served on the senior leadership team of a non-profit working to improve lives and families impacted by addictions. He is passionate for the health and well-being of families. Charlie earned a B.A. in Computer Science with a minor in Economics from Hamilton College.

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