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Americord Distributes Thousands of Face Masks to Impacted OBGYN Practices

During the height of the pandemic, specifically in May of 2020, we at Americord wanted to help out as best as we could. We decided to spark a partnership with the hospital staff and the OB/GYN offices. PPC supplies became almost as vital as essential nutrients or water. They were the most basic form of protection, as we knew against the unexplored outbreak. Fear was and still is a common theme today. We didn’t know exactly how the virus spread. We didn’t know how to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. All we knew was that we could use masks as a shield. 

The world started hoarding masks for protection if they faced the public or interacted in communal living. However, the doctors on the frontlines faced a shortage as cases piled up. At Americord, we had a surplus, so we wanted to share our resources with those who needed them most. 

The CEO and founder of Americord spoke out about why the blood stem cell bank leaped at the chance to help their colleagues. “Our partner OBs and their staff are an integral part of our family; when the opportunity arose to acquire and distribute masks, we jumped on it. We hope they will keep medical professionals safer out on the front lines,” Martin Smithmyer said. 

During this time, the unexplained peaked. People armored themselves with PPE while the doctors at the frontlines dealt with inadequate protection. The PPE shortage inspired some people to sew masks at home and donate them to those in need. While face shields popped up and urban cities guarded their well-being with medical gloves, masks, plastic suits, protective glasses, and more, the doctors who needed protection the most confronted risk. 

Doctors still had loved ones and families. However, they continued to fight and keep going to protect the communities health. They still are. At Americord, we wanted to contribute to our fellow OB/GYN offices. We did this because these doctors could not stock their practice with masks and tend to their patients safely.

The moment we gained access to masks, the equipment most scarce across the nation, we stepped up. For every medical office, we had a partnership. First, we dispersed packs of 50 masks. Then, as we acquired more masks, we continued to make even more donations to the offices that ran out and needed more. Everyone who played their part in helping out the community during the pandemic made a lasting impact on the health and safety of the population.

As the pandemic continues and new fears or unknowns arise, we continue to put our community’s health and safety first. At Americord, we put our best effort into doing what we can. The seemingly small actions genuinely go a long way, especially in light of today. We will continue to offer support in areas we can and back our medical partnerships. For example, donating masks was our way to relieve people who worked in critical positions. At home, people can continue to help improve the nation’s health by advocating for those around them. 

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