Laboratory equipment on table including glass vial and gloves.
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Americord Celebrates Opening of In-House Stem Cell Processing and Research & Development Lab

Americord Registry®, a leading provider of umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, and placental tissue banking, announced the successful opening of their new R&D and cell processing laboratory in New York City.

“With Americord’s new lab and recently hired R&D and marketing leadership, we are poised to drive innovation in regenerative medicine, providing solutions to families facing challenging clinical needs,” said Martin Smithmyer, Founder and CEO. 

Known for its proprietary stem cell and placental tissue processing technologies, Americord’s lab provides the environment for scientists to create a new generation of innovative products. Americord’s strategic product initiatives are focused on developing products for the repair and regeneration of tissues.  Product discoveries will advance the use of stem cells in clinical research for applications ranging from cancers to neurologic and auto-immune disorders.

Since 2008, Americord® has aimed to improve and extend human life, leading the field with cutting edge and proprietary cell based therapeutics and services, including the cryopreservation of stem cells for newborns and their families for future therapeutic use. With the successful opening of their lab and R&D facility, Americord® is now collecting, processing, and storing stem cells and biological tissues for clients at their in-house location.

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