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Americord Releases Cord Blood Stem Cells for Treatment of Motor Neuron Disease

SOMERSET, N.J., February 23, 2024 ( - Americord, a leading private stem cell bank, announced the release of cord blood stem cells to a client’s grandmother in India for the treatment of motor neuron disease.

Motor neuron disease is a progressive neurological disorder that poses immense challenges for patients and families. For years, researchers have studied the therapeutic potential of cord blood stem cells for treatment of this disease. While treatments are still in clinical trials, there are several positive outcomes showing promise for an FDA-approved treatment option in the near future.

Americord worked closely with healthcare professionals in India to facilitate the transfer of the preserved cord blood stem cells. Stem cell treatments are highly regulated and there are strict protocols in place to adequately facilitate the transfer of cells. In recent years, India has rapidly increased its funding towards biotechnology and high-quality healthcare. This has drastically improved the availability and quality of stem cell treatments throughout the country, leading to collaboration with stem cell banks globally to obtain successful transfers.

A major highlight of this treatment is the utilization of the preserved stem cells. Cord blood stem cells can be stored for potential future use for the child and/or any matching first or second-degree relative. This treatment holds significance because the Americord client utilized the stored cord blood stem cells for their grandmother, showcasing the unique ability of cord blood stem cells to potentially be used by other family members.

The treating physician required only a small sample for the intervention, enabling the family to retain the bulk of preserved stem cells for potential future treatments. Americord stores stem cells in 5-chamber storage cases, with five equal parts. This strategic preservation not only maximizes treatment opportunities but also exemplifies Americord's commitment to empowering families through cutting-edge regenerative therapies.

“We are immensely proud to play a role in facilitating treatments for our clients,” said Martin Smithmyer, Co-CEO and Founder of Americord. "This milestone underscores the transformative potential of cord blood stem cells and reaffirms our dedication to advancing innovative healthcare solutions globally."

Cord blood banking is a forward-thinking decision that can drastically change a family’s future. The decision to preserve stem cells enabled this Americord client to provide a potentially life-saving treatment to a loved one, highlighting the importance of educating yourself on the benefits and use of newborn stem cells.

Americord remains steadfast in its mission to empower families with the resources and opportunities to harness the potential of stem cell therapy. As pioneers in the field of cord blood and tissue banking, Americord continues to spearhead advancements that hold promise for clients battling a diverse range of medical conditions.

Cord blood stem cells are FDA-approved to treat over 80 conditions today, for various cancers, blood, immune, and metabolic disorders. Americord works closely with leading institutions to facilitate the release of stem cells for treatment of autism, cerebral palsy, sickle cell disease, and more.