Microscopic view of blood cells.
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Welcome to the New Americord: Elevating Cord Blood Banking for a Healthier Future

Hi new parents-to-be,

As I sit down to write this, I can't help but feel a deep sense of gratitude. Over the past 15 years, you - our Americord families - have been the heartbeat of our journey. Your choices, insights, and trust have not only made us the #1 Parent Rated Cord Blood Bank in the U.S. but have also shaped the soul of Americord.

Informed parents choose Americord, and you've shown us the truth of these words every day. Every 5-star review, every piece of feedback has been a building block in our story.

Over the last two years, the team and I have been working incredibly hard on a new vision for Americord. We started from scratch to build a faster, simpler, more powerful version of americordblood.com. This massive update includes over a hundred improvements and dozens of new features. We’ve taken the complexity and confusion of choosing a cord blood bank out of the equation. 

But this is more than just a new look. It's a promise - a promise to keep growing with you, to keep prioritizing what matters to you, and to always remember that our story is written together.

Thank you for trusting us, for guiding us, and for being an integral part of Americord. Here's to our continued journey towards healthier futures for our children. 


Martin Smithmyer
Founder/Co-CEO, Americord Registry