Cord Blood Banking Comparison: Cryo-Cell vs. Americord

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Side by side, most cord blood banks may seem similar. But this cord blood banking comparison between Cryo-Cell and Americord will open your eyes to the differences in quality, innovation, and value.

More Innovation

Americord’s lab is the highly regarded, AABB-certified Vitalant (New Jersey), which has earned multiple certifications and accreditations. Our lab provides multiple backups and safety protocols, including emergency power from an independent generator, redundant telephony for monitoring systems, standby ultra-low temperature and liquid nitrogen freezers, and a liquid nitrogen backup system for freezers.

Our innovative technologies are truly state-of-the-art. With our revolutionary product, Cord Blood 2.0TM , parents can store up to twice as many stem cells as traditional cord blood banking allows. Americord also pioneered and is still one of the only cord blood banks to offer placental tissue banking, an opportunity to extend the benefits of regenerative stem cell medicine to the birth mother.

Our innovative technologies are truly state-of-the-art. With our revolutionary product, Cord Blood 2.0, parents can store up to twice as many of stem cells as traditional cord blood banking.

Best-in-Class Service

Americord offers service that is unmatched in the industry. We have the highest quality guarantee of any cord blood company: $110,000, compared with Cryo-Cell’s $100,000. Americord covers the cost of international shipping after storage (up to $500); Cryo-Cell provides no coverage. We use FDA-approved, sterile, Heparin-free collection bags, provide medical courier service at no cost to you, and have no cancellation fee.

Better Pricing

Best of all, Americord offers its high-quality, reliable facility and services at a lower cost than Cryo-Cell. Check out the cord blood banking comparison pricing chart below:

Cord Blood Banking
Initial Fee$1,850$1,499
Annual Storage Fee$150$150
Pre-Pay Storage$4,999 (21 years)$3,499 (20 years)


Cord Blood + Tissue Banking
Initial Fee$2,820$2,298
Annual Storage Fee$300$275
Pre-Pay Storage$9,119 (21 years)$5,998 (20 years)


At first glance, it is clear: Americord offers you more competitive pricing, with the added flexibility to pay up front for the lowest total cost, or to spread the payments out over time. This is just part of our commitment to make cord blood and tissue banking more accessible and affordable for more people.



*Price displayed for Cryo-Cell’s “Premium” cord blood banking offering.