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What's Your Cord Blood Banking Knowledge?

49% of expectant parents are aware but, minimally informed about cord blood banking. How much do you know?

Many expectant parents do not have appropriate cord blood knowledge.  This means they are unaware of their option to bank cord blood and may not know all the ways cord blood can protect their family.

In fact, a pioneering study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine by Perlow ET Al. identified that ⅓ of expectant parents are unaware of the option to preserve cord blood. Of the ⅔ that are aware, 74% describe themselves as minimally informed. Do you need to store cord blood for second child?

What is your cord blood knowledge? Quiz yourself with the questions below and find out!

What are stem cells?

  1. undifferentiated cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide to produce more stem cells
  2. adult heart cells
  3. cells that change into plants

What is cord blood?

  1. blood that flows through the spinal cord to the brain
  2. blood that is left in a baby’s umbilical cord
  3. white blood cells that are present in your blood

What is cord blood banking?

  1. the storing of cord blood in a private or public bank for future medical use if needed
  2. paying a doctor money to cut your baby’s umbilical cord
  3. storing your baby’s umbilical cord in case they ever need a blood transfusion only

Cord Blood can be used to treat over _______ diseases.

  1. 80
  2. 76
  3. 45

Cord blood can be used as an alternative to _________.

  1. The flu shot
  2. bone marrow
  3. Tylenol

Correct answers: A-B-A-A-B

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