BioBanking & Genomic Services

Banking your baby’s stem cells and perinatal tissues is one of the most important choices you’ll ever make for your child, and we’re here to help! You’ll find all the insights and information you’ll need to make the best decision for your family.

Choosing the best cord blood bank americord

How to Choose the Best Cord Blood Bank

It can be challenging to choose the right cord blood bank. This ultimate comparison guide explores the top factors your family should consider when making the decision on where to store your newborn's cord blood stem cells.

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Pregnant woman holding a piggy bank in front of her belly with man holding her stomach and putting a coin in the bank.

How Much Does Cord Blood Banking Cost?

Understanding the cost of cord blood banking can help expecting parents make informed decisions. We're breaking down collection, processing, storage, and more.

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Five red compartment storage bag.

Cord Blood Storage: Americord's 5-Compartment Storage Bag

The 5-Compartment Storage Bag is designed to give your family more flexibility and potential use.

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A couple having a consultation with a family doctor.

Why Do Physicians Recommend Americord?

Americord is committed to pioneering the development of new cord blood, cord tissue, and placental tissue banking technologies.

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A pregnant woman holding a sonogram photo while sitting on a bed.

5 Reasons Why Americord's Lifetime Storage is a Wise Decision

We get it - committing to a lifetime is a hard decision. We're breaking down the top five reasons your family should choose to bank your newborns cells for life.

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A mother affectionately kisses her baby in front of a white wall.

The Power of Banking it All: Americord Biobanking Services

Why stop at one biobanking service when there are immense benefits to them all? Cord blood, cord tissue, and placental tissue all play a unique role in healing.

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A graphic of a heart with a clock image inside it.

The Future of Medicine: Why Lifetime Storage Makes Sense Now More Than Ever

The medical field is rapidly growing. With cord blood banking, that means new treatments and possibilities arise frequently. Let's talk cord lifetime storage!

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Doctor pointing at medical icon with stethoscope in hand.

The Power of Early Detection: 12 Illnesses Newborn Health Screening Tests For

Safeguarding a baby's health comes down to early detection and diagnosis of any potential health issues. myNewborn Health Screening does just that.

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A doctor holds two wooden blocks with the words "rare disease".

Cord Blood Banking for Rare Diseases: How it Can Make a Difference for Your Family

Learn how cord blood banking can make a significant difference in the world of rare diseases, and for families everywhere.

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