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5 Valentine-Inspired Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Ready to announce to the world that you’ve a new (and guaranteed adorable) new love on the way? If you’re ready to share your news in February, you could do a Valentine-inspired baby announcement. 

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and affection. What better way to strike the feelings from your friends and family than with a love-inspired baby announcement? We’ve compiled our five favorite Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcements to make your big news one to remember.

Celebrate the Onesie-ful News

Sharing the expecting news on a custom printed onesie is sweet and easy to do this month. Onesies can be customized or you can buy a pre-printed message from many artists online. You can take a picture of the onesie and post it to your social media or gift it to your loved ones for a never-forget Valentine’s gift.

A Recipe of Love

One of our favorite pregnancy announcement ideas that can work all year, but is an especially sweet treat during Valentine’s Day. This announcement works best when your little one is upgrading their title to ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Big Sister.’ All you need is your kitchen, a letter board, and the soon-to-be big sibling to shoot this adorable photo announcement.

Adorable baby shoes and a love word on a pink cloth.

Say It With Conversation Hearts

Did you know that you can buy customizable candy hearts? These hearts can make the sweetest pregnancy announcement. You can order the words “Baby,” “Due,” and the month or numbers of your due date or use the hearts to make a heart shaped background for your sonogram. The possibilities are endless.

A Cupcake In The Oven

Change out the bun for a cupcake or sweet treat this festive season. Instead of having a loaf of bread in the oven or posing with one in front of you, swap it out for a tasty treat and let your family know you are baking something extra sweet this Valentine’s Day.

Pulling on the Heartstrings

A cute and inexpensive way to share the news with your friends and family. Simply make a heart shaped banner with your exciting announcement and take a photo of you and your partner holding banner.

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