Mother and child enjoying a fun play time.

9 of the Best Things About Being a Parent

We know planning to welcome a baby – whether you already have children or not – can add stress to your already busy life. But we don’t want responsibilities to get in the way of your excitement – so, we highlighted some of the best things about being a parent!

  1. Seeing your child’s imagination run wild – This isn’t just watching them play make-believe and talk to imaginary friends (although that’s also amusing and often hilarious!). Children are learning so much about the world every day and trying to make sense of it, and their imaginations and sense of wonder play an important role as they question the world around them!
  2. Watching them pursue interests – Children have such curious brains! There’s something undeniably fulfilling about helping anyone pursue something they care about, and it’s especially true with one’s own children. Watching them interact with the world and find joy in activities, particularly as they begin to pursue them on their own, without your help or suggestion, is always special. 
  3. Seeing the world through their eyes – When was the last time you felt genuine awe? Many of us would have to think hard to answer that question, but children experience feelings of awe, wonder, surprise, and joy all the time. It’s fun to share a piece of that with your child!
  4. Feeling like a kid again – Parenting is full of responsibilities that certainly don’t make you feel like a kid, but we think your child’s enthusiasm will rub off on you often too! Playing with your child and experiencing new things with them are great ways to take a moment away from everything else and feel like a kid again!
  5. Caring less about what others think – it doesn’t matter how outgoing or carefree you are now, you’re going to care even less about what others think soon! Whether it’s singing along with them to their favorite song stuck in traffic or playing along with their games at the park, your kids are going to encourage you to care less about strangers!
  6. Sharing your family traditions and culture – You may often be seeing the world through their eyes for the first time, but raising a child is also an opportunity to share the things that matter the most to you. This is a chance to stay in touch with, or even get deeper into, family tradition and your culture. 
  7. A chance to help other people – You might have received more advice than you really wanted sometimes, but your experiences as a parent do prepare you to help others you care about when they have questions or simply need to vent to someone who understands what they’re talking about! 
  8. A chance to be someone’s hero – It sounds cliché, but one of the best things about being a parent really is the opportunity to be someone’s hero. Your children will look up to you in ways no one else does, and the feeling of needing to earn that trust and admiration, and knowing someone else believes in you, can be very powerful. 
  9. Hearing “I love you” – At the end of the day, it’s hard to beat hearing those three words from your child. 

This list is far from complete, and every parent has their own special reasons, but hopefully thinking about the best things about being a parent gets you even more excited about the future! 

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