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Project Nursery: Products to Help Baby's Development

Project Nursery offers the latest and greatest in interior design for your baby’s room and electronics that assist in healthy development during pregnancy and beyond.  Their website sells products that are not only stylish and trendy but focus on baby’s safety and development. Here’s what you need to know about Project Nursery and its innovative product offerings of baby nursery gear!

Who Are They

Project Nursery is a leading nursery designing website. Created by Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchi, after the birth of their first children, the company’s mission to provide you with the vision, tools, and products necessary to realize your baby room dreams. Every day they post videos, articles, and content on their website and social media channels, to inform and inspire their viewers.

Since the launch of the company, Project Nursery has expanded from just decor and selling baby products to manufacturing electronics that help assist in healthy development during pregnancy and beyond. They partnered with Voxx Accessories Cooperation to help bring these innovative nursery electronics to life.

Check out a few of these electronics to help keep baby safe and make your life a little bit easier:

Project Nursery Products

Parent-baby smart band

Project Nursery has accomplished a feat no other company has. They have managed to create the first-ever smart band designed specifically for you as a mother. The Parent-baby Smart Band helps schedule diaper changes, nap times, and feedings so you can keep on track at a very hectic time in your life.


This device is helpful even before the baby is born. The baby development products by tracking fetal movements, and reminding you about supplements to take and doctor’s appointments to go to.


TheParent-Baby Smart Band is also beneficial for maintaining a healthy exercise routine during pregnancy.  It tracks weight by measuring caloric intake and how much exercise you do. This is beneficial because it keeps you on track to gain a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy and monitors your exercise to help with labor and delivery.

The smart band is also energy efficient due to its 30-day battery life. So, you won’t need to worry about recharging it for a month.

Three smart bands in white background.
The Parent-baby Smart Band helps schedule diaper changes, nap times, and feedings so you can keep on track at a very hectic time in your life.

Animal Shaped Sound Soothers and Nightlight

Having trouble with putting the baby to sleep? You are not alone! Luckily, Project Nursery has a product tailored for this exact situation.

The sound soothers which they produce come in four animals (bear, lion, monkey, & giraffe). The lion and the bear even double as night lights! The sound soothers play 6 songs: 3 natural sounds and 3 lullabies. The natural sounds include a heartbeat, waves, and white noise. These are the sounds that the baby was familiar with within the womb. The natural sounds are so calming and relaxing that even you can use them to help you sleep because they can soothe your brain by muffling out other noises. The lullabies are Brahms lullaby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Lullabies help because of their soft melodious sounds which are a source of comfort.

The device even turns off by itself after the baby falls asleep, with a 15, 30, 45, and 60-minute sleep timer.

Baby Monitor

A white camera that rests on a shelf amidst books.

If you’re looking for an easy and reliable method for watching your child while you’re not physically next to them, you should give Project Nursery’s baby monitor a try.


Project Nursery is steadfast in its attempts at making surveilling babies as undemanding as possible. This is why they have engineered the world’s smallest 1.5” audio and video Mini Monitor. This is perfect for walking around the house because it can fit in your pocket. This package also comes with a 5” HD parent monitor with up to 16 hours of battery life. You can keep this in your room so you can watch the baby as you lay down or sleep.


Not only does this monitor record video and snap photos of the baby throughout the day, but it also has infrared night vision which allows you to watch the baby throughout the night. Now you can feel more like the Wonder Woman you are.

This gadget also possesses the ability to detect the room’s temperature. This allows you to be able to adjust it if it is too cold or too hot.

You can link up to 4 cameras to the system meaning you can monitor more than just baby. Like who’s eating all the ice cream, perhaps?

Project Nursery also offers a Wi-Fi baby monitor that grants you access to keep an eye on the baby through an app on your smartphone. We are constantly on our phones so hats off to them for accommodating to that.

On top of all this, these baby monitors have been incorporated with lullaby renditions of 3 songs [I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing (by Aerosmith), Jolene (by White Stripes), and Holiday (by Madonna)]. So you can watch as the system relaxes the baby to sleep.

Project Nursery goes above and beyond to help you so you can rest assured knowing that your baby is secure and growing healthily. Not only can they provide you with awesome tips to help build your perfect nursery, but their manufacturing with Voxx Accessories Corporation makes you the smartest and most stylish expectant parents out there (we are a little biased though). Thanks to Project Nursery millions of parents have been helped make the first stages of raising a newborn a little easier.

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About Project Nursery:

Project Nursery is an online community of parents and designers that shares daily décor inspiration and photos from its users’ modern, design-minded nurseries. As permanent fixtures in the interior design industry, children’s market, and DIY culture, co-founders Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio are regularly sourced for their exceptional approach to all things nursery. Among the many editorial credits they have acquired in a variety of parenting, home décor, lifestyle and business publications, and blogs, they have been tapped as contributors for the likes of People.com, HGTV.com.

StrollerTraffic, and BabyCenter, and have earned the coveted title of “Style Gurus” for home décor giant, Serena & Lily. Partnered with consumer electronics leaders VOXX Accessories Corporation, Project Nursery is putting their years of experience curating the best kid-friendly designs to good use by launching a consumer electronics line for families. The collection reflects the modern style seen in today’s nurseries and features VOXX Accessories Corporations’ state-of-the-art digital technology that is integrated into multiple successful consumer electronics brands across the globe.


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