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Whitney Port: Pregnancy & Cord Blood Banking

Whitney Eve Port, American fashion designer, author, and television personality, recently banked her son Sunny’s umbilical cord blood with Americord.

She sat down to give us a short interview on why umbilical cord blood banking was essential to include in her pregnancy journey and what her cord blood banking experience was like.

Where did you first learn about cord blood banking? And what got you interested in learning more about cord blood, cord tissue, and placental tissue banking?

I learned about this from a birthing class taught by Erica Chidi Cohen, but then when Americord reached out and asked if interested, I looked everything up in detail on their site and felt it was something I really wanted to do.

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Why did you ultimately decide to do stem cell banking?

The idea of saving stem cells for the benefit of possible ill family members made it a must for me. It is a type of insurance that I couldn’t pass up.

While conducting your research, did you find that many pregnancy resources spoke about the importance of cord blood banking? Did any other expectant families know about it?

Yes, it was something that was definitely a topic of conversation amongst a lot of my pregnant friends and resources throughout my pregnancy, but no one really explained as well as Americord did.

The idea of saving stem cells for the benefit of possible ill family members made it a must for me. It is a type of insurance that I couldn’t pass up.

What was your experience like inside the delivery/labor room?

It was SUPER easy. All I had to do was tell the nurses I had the kit and they took it from there. We then called a number to pick it up and it and they came the day after birth. It was very little fuss for something so meaningful.

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