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Why Doug and Jamie Chose Americord

When we talk to expecting parents about their plans to bank their newborn’s cord blood, one of the most common questions we’re asked is “Why?”. We think there are a lot of reasons to make this decision – so many reasons, in fact, that sometimes it isn’t easy to answer this seemingly simple question!

Sometimes it’s helpful to hear from other parents who recently made that decision for their own growing families. That’s why we spoke with Doug and Jamie Hehner, Americord clients.

You might know Doug, or his wife Jamie, from the hit TV show Married at First Sight, their podcast Hot Marriage. Cool Parents, or their YouTube channel Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. With Doug & Jamie, where Doug and Jamie discuss all things marriage and parenting.

Aside from being devoted parents and spouses, Doug and Jamie bring a valuable perspective to the table, as Jamie is a nurse in the Labor and Delivery department at a large hospital in New York City. Possessing such an intimate knowledge of pregnancy, Doug and Jamie recognized the powerful capabilities of cord blood stem cells and contacted us for banking before the birth of their daughter, Henley.

We were so excited when they contacted us again, this time to plan cord blood banking for the birth of their baby boy. Doug put the decision process simply – they chose to store their newborn’s cord blood with us again “in case our baby needs it later on in life”, and because Americord’s customer service, including the prompt collection by a white glove medical courier, was a notch ahead of the competition.

The decision to bank their newborn’s cord blood is different for every family, but hopefully hearing from other parents, like Doug and Jamie, can provide some peace-of-mind in the midst of the hectic time that is pregnancy.

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