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Cord Blood Banking & Living Abroad: Why Americord is the Best Choice

We live in an increasingly mobile society. While technology has made it much easier to manage our affairs remotely, managing them still takes time and attention. With life becoming increasingly busy, we all want to automate as much as possible by setting up automatic withdrawals for critical things like mortgage payments or pre-paying for a one-year gym membership to avoid having to deal with monthly payments.

At Americord, we strive to make cord blood storage and banking as easy as possible with policies that address clients’ real-life situations. If you travel a lot or live abroad some of the time, but plan to give birth in the United States and plan to save stem cells from your baby’s cord blood, you’ll need to use a US-based cord blood bank. Your baby’s cord blood must be received by the laboratory for processing and storage within 48 to 72 hours of collection.  To meet this deadline it is important that your cord blood laboratory is in the same country where you plan to give birth.

Why Americord is better if you plan to live abroad?

Americord is better if you plan to live abroad – or even if you travel frequently – because our all-inclusive fee structure for the cord blood banking process enables you to make a single payment when your baby is born that covers everything related to banking your baby’s cord blood for the next 20 years. We don’t charge an annual cord blood storage fee, just $2999 upfront and that’s it.

At Americord, we strive to make cord blood storage and banking as easy as possible with policies that address clients’ real life situations.

Americord’s all-inclusive cord blood banking fee includes:

  • The Americord Collection Kit, which contains all of the equipment your medical practitioner will need to collect stem cells from your baby’s cord blood as soon as you give birth
  • The cost of a medical courier to pick up your baby’s cord blood from your bedside as soon as you give birth
  • 20 years of storage in our state-of-the-art CLIA Certified, AABB-Accredited

With Americord, a single payment (or 12 monthly payments) when your baby is born ensures that their stem cells will be safely stored for 20 years.

If at some point you need your baby’s stem cells for medical treatment, you just call Americord and we will ship it via medical courier anywhere in the world. Or perhaps you won’t need to ship your baby’s stem cells, but rather elect to have the necessary medical treatment in the U.S., given the advancement of medical procedures and research in the U.S. So, whether you are in the United States at that point, or somewhere else in the world, Americord has procedures in place to assist you.

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