Our Promises to You

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Americord’s mission is to help people live longer, healthier lives. We are rooted not only in the belief that regenerative medicine is the medicine of the future, but more importantly that the products we offer to our customers can make an impact on their lives today. We have taken the steps needed to ensure that we can consistently provide the highest quality service in the industry.

We promise to

  • Put the customer first
  • Always communicate honestly
  • Make your experience with us as transparent and valuable as possible
  • Accurately answer your questions
  • Pursue the highest standards of quality control and laboratory processing

Quality Control Protocols

1 quality control protocols icon - Our Promises to YouAmericord® tests cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue samples before and after processing as part of our quality control to ensure that each sample is contaminant-free on arrival and continues to be during processing in our laboratory. Our screening exceeds FDA regulations for testing and quality control.

2 storage protocols icon - Our Promises to YouEach client’s stem cells are stored in cryo-tanks using vapor nitrogen, which protects your family’s stem cells and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination from other samples.

3 our facilities icon - Our Promises to YouAmericord’s lab is CLIA Certified and located in New Jersey. We provide our clients with only the highest quality processing and most experienced laboratory professionals. You can rest assured that your stem cells are stored safely in a facility that provides constant monitoring and backup measures in place to ensure continued storage during any type of natural disaster.

4 laboratory staff experience icon - Our Promises to YouThe laboratory staff is made up of highly experienced health professionals and technicians who work under the guidance and expertise of our Medical Director. This ensures that Americord® delivers the cutting-edge of new cord blood advances, while guaranteeing the safety, integrity, and viability of your baby’s stem cells.

5 protecting your privacy icon - Our Promises to YouAmericord® maintains strict confidentiality of all client information. All Americord® employees sign confidentiality agreements because of the sensitive nature of your family’s medical information. We are subject to government regulations (as are your caregivers and insurers) that may require disclosure of certain, limited information under certain circumstances.

What Parents Who Banked Have to Say

Testimonials sameer img - Our Promises to You

“I had a million questions about cord blood banking. The staff at Americord answered them all and even explained complicated things about stem cells in plain language. They also walked me through the different options and payment plans and helped me find the one that was right for me.”

Sameer B.
testimonials 2img - Our Promises to You
“When I began researching cord blood banks, I wanted to find the one with the highest standards – even if that meant I had to pay more. What a great surprise to find out that I could get the best service and the highest quality at half the price with Americord!”
Heather R.
“We decided to save our baby’s stem cells because it seems like every day there are new treatments for diseases that used to be incurable. We chose Americord because it is constantly investing in innovations in stem cell preservation and it offers cord blood products that are not available from other companies.”
“Given the advances in genetic research and the potential for life saving or possibly advancing technology, I felt it would be an investment in our child’s health to save his cord blood. After shopping around, Americord offers the most value and was extremely customer friendly. This was important to me, being a first time mother. I am recommending Americord to all of my friends.”