A doctor and a nurse performing C section surgery.

C-Sections and Cord Blood Banking: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to cord blood banking, having a C-Section changes everything! A C-section is a major surgery performed under sterile conditions, differing from normal vaginal births. Concerns about infection determine both who and what can be in the surgical area.

For example, fathers are sometimes not allowed to participate in the delivery. Fathers allowed in the delivery room must wear scrubs and stand behind a curtain or partition that separates them from the sterile area.

What is special about C-Sections and Cord Blood Banking?

When having a c-section, there are also special considerations for cord blood banking, starting with the collection kit. Just like any other surgical instrument, the collection bag must be completely sterile—inside and out—to be FDA-approved for use in the surgical area. Americord is one of only a few companies to offer collection bags approved for C-sections. Other cord blood banks run a long sterile tube from the surgical area to the unsterilized collection bag exterior, working back and forth between sterile and unsterile conditions.

Just like any other surgical instrument, the collection bag must be completely sterile – inside and out – to be FDA approved for use in the surgical area.

Is the Cord Blood Collection Process different for C-Sections?

The cord blood collection process itself is also slightly different for C-sections. First, the surgeon must complete the surgery, suturing the uterus and attending to any surgical concerns of the mother. Then they can collect the umbilical cord blood and tissue. This delay frequently yields less cord blood than a vaginal birth, where collection is more immediate. For best results, it’s best to bank with a cord blood company that publishes the highest stem cell yield, such Americord, the only company with Cord Blood 2.0 technology.

Should the need for a C-section arise, Americord cord blood specialists are available to answer any questions about birth planning and cord blood banking. If you’ve already enrolled with a company that does not meet the unique requirements of a c-section, Americord will reimburse any cancellation fee once you have successfully banked with us.

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