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Why Do Physicians Recommend Americord?

We are the most innovative and customer-focused cord blood bank. Here's why...

#1 – We Collect More

Our proprietary collection process, Cord Blood 2.0™, was developed by our Medical Director, Dr. Robert Dracker, and makes it possible to collect up to twice the amount of stem cells when compared to the industry average. This means Americord provides the opportunity to potentially treat a person up to 165 pounds, versus the traditional collection method limit of approximately 65 pounds, treating patients further through childhood and even into adulthood. According to industry experts, fewer than 1-in-8000 children will require hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplant, but with greater availability of larger quantities of HSCs, 1-in102 people may receive a transplant by age 70. And with further development of HSC treatment opportunities, that number could rise. More stem cells collected means more treatment opportunities in the future.

#2 – We Invest More

Unlike our competitors, who use machines to process stem cells, we invest in a year of training for our specialists to process manually, in order to ensure the highest quantity of cells are preserved from any collection.

#3 - We Offer More

We are a pioneer of placental tissue banking, one of only a few banks today that offers the service. This tissue contains mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that can differentiate into multiple types of cells and tissues, which many researchers believe will truly revolutionize medical practice. These cells are also a 100% match for the mother, extending potential benefits beyond the child.

#4 – We Care More

Our team of Stem Cell Specialists and Client Services Associates go the extra mile to ensure your patients have a positive, seamless experience. Our repeat-client rate is amazing because our clients know first-hand that the team at Americord Registry cares.

“I have to say that they have the greatest customer service. My baby was born a couple of days before Hurricane Irma hit Florida. They managed to get a plane from Palm Beach, but the price was $4,000. I told them that was out of my budget and decided not to bank the cord blood. Five minutes later they called back and said that their supervisor decided Americord would incur the costs [of the flight] and get my baby’s cord blood to the lab. We are so grateful.”

— Angelica, Americord Client

#5 – We Innovate More

We’re committed to helping people live healthier, longer lives. Our continued efforts to develop better products and seek out partnerships to facilitate the development of regenerative stem cell medicine pay off, too. Americord Registry has been listed as an Inc. 5000 fastest growing private company for the past 4 years. We are the number one fastest growing cord blood bank in the country!

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