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Why Scheana and Brock Chose Americord

Families decide to bank their newborn’s cord blood and tissue for different reasons, and sometimes it can be helpful to hear what that experience looks like for different parents! That’s why we want you to hear why Scheana Shay and Brock Davies decided to bank their newborn’s cord blood, cord tissue, and placental tissue with Americord. 

You may know Scheana from her appearances on reality television, or her social media platforms, where she has recently been connecting with other expecting families and parents all over the world. Scheana became aware of cord blood banking through the What To Expect App while planning for the arrival of her newborn and decided she wanted to learn more. Once she spoke with an Americord stem cell specialist, she knew she wanted to discuss options with Brock! 

“I have to say this company had the best customer service, and by the time I got off the phone call I was like ‘alright I’m sold, where do I sign?’” Scheana said in her recent vlog about preparing for her baby girl. 

She explained the decision more on Instagram, where she said “Brock and I are so excited and doing everything we can to make sure she will be well taken care of her whole life. This is exactly why we have chosen to bank her cord blood and tissue with Americord. Having her stem cells saved for 20+ years that can be used to treat close to 100 conditions and even work for siblings was a no brainer!” 

Cord blood stem cells are already FDA-approved to treat close to 100 conditions, including leukemias, lymphomas, and anemias. And with near-constant advancements in clinical trials seeking treatments for an even wider range of conditions, including autism, cerebral palsy, diabetes, and cancers, the future of stem cell medicine has never looked brighter.

“Yeah look at the technology that’s out there, this is great,” said Brock. Scheana told her viewers “You know, it’s forward-looking and thinking – and you hope that you never have to use it, but why would you not do it and have the option? I think it’s amazing. I wish that they had this option when we were born. It’s great for peace-of-mind… because you never know.”

We couldn’t be more excited for Scheana and Brock! If you would like to learn more about these options and how they might make sense for your growing family, please contact us at the form below or give us a call at 866.951.5652.

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