Top Questions to Ask Your Cord Blood Bank

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You may have a lot of questions trying to choose the right Cord Blood Bank. But are you asking the right questions? Knowing what questions to ask is just as important as getting the right answers. 

We hope this list of top questions and 5 things no ones tells you can help you on your mission to keeping your baby safe for years to come. This list includes product quality, product safety, hidden fees and the trust issues.


Product Quality: 

In order to know what you are getting for your time and money, there are a few product quality questions you should be asking your potential cord blood banks. Make sure to touch on the following:

1.How many stem cells can I expect to store?

2.What are your stem cell processing success rates?

3.Do you test the stem cells for viability before storing?

4.What happens if I fail to collect the recommended minimum Total Nucleated Cells?

5.What is your quality guarantee should the stem cells fail to engraft?


Product Safety

Ensuring the safety of both you and your cord blood or tissue is essential. Use these two key questions to make sure you and your cord blood bank are on the same page.

1.Do you use FDA approved anticoagulants in your collection kit?

2.Is your collection kit FDA approved for c-sections (sterilized both inside and outside)?


Hidden Fees

No one likes to be tricked into additional fees, and one way to be your own advocate is to ask these four questions to your potential cord blood banks:

1.What is the total cost for 20 years of storage?

2.Are there any non-refundable fees should I need to cancel for any reason?

3.Is the annual storage fee fixed or might it increase later?

4.Are there any additional processing fees upon withdrawal?



Another way to be tricked is in terms of a bank’s credibility and the way they work with doctors and customers. Don’t forget to ask:

1.Do you offer incentives to doctors to promote your services?

2.Do you have customer reviews that you can share with me?


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