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3 Facts About Cord Blood Stem Cells That ViaCord & CBR Won’t Tell You

Cord blood banking can be a confusing topic. Many parents get bombarded with information when searching to see if cord blood banking is right for them. There is information that some private cord blood banking companies, like Viacord and Cord Blood Registry, would not tell you, until now.

Here are 3 Cord Blood Facts Viacord and Cord Blood Registry Won't Tell You:

1. Cord blood cannot be used if the donor (baby) contains the same genetic illness as the recipient. Most cord blood banks glaze over this, but it is important to understand that the odds of using cord blood for the same child are lower than the odds of using them for a sibling.

2. Cord blood generally may only be used on average for children up to about 65 pounds. This is because there simply aren't enough stem cells on average in one unit of cord blood to treat an adult. But our processing technology allows us to collect up to twice as many stem cells as the industry average and opens the door to more treatment options.

3. In 2008, the American Pediatric Association recommended that physicians suggest that cord blood be donated instead of saved privately for families. But with the wide range of advanced clinical trials ongoing now, the future of stem cell medicine has never looked brighter.

Pricing Information Viacord and Cord Blood Registry Won't Tell You:

1. Stem Cell Storage is not included in their price. Viacord and Cord Blood Registry both charge for annual storage. This means that when you pay for your initial cord blood and/or cord tissue storage, you will also have to pay annually for storage.

2. There are other hidden fees that Viacord and Cord Blood Registry do not tell you about. This hidden fees can include courier fees, release fees, and shipment fees.

In Americord's price, 20 years of storage is included and there are never any hidden fees. You can find the true price of many private cord blood banks on the Americord Comparison Tool.

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