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Americord Cord Blood Collection Kit: Why Is It Better

The cord blood collection kit matters when choosing a cord blood bank. The kit contains everything your medical providers need in order to collect the cord blood and any tissues that you wish to bank. It also must be able to keep those stem cells safe and healthy until they can be processed at a lab. Americord has taken steps to make sure our kit excels at every step of the process.

Why is Americord’s Collection Kit better?

Americord’s 4-in-1 Collection Kit is better because it has been designed and equipped to provide maximum flexibility. Maybe you enrolled just to collect stem cells from cord blood, but at birth you decide that you want to also collect stem cells from the cord and placental tissue, or maybe exosomes? Perhaps you planned upon having a vaginal delivery, but instead have a C-section delivery. These are just a couple of events we've prepared for when we developed our 4-in-1 Collection Kit, so that our clients can always rest easy after they enroll with Americord.

Americord’s 4-in-1 Collection Kit is better because it has been designed and equipped to provide maximum flexibility.
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What’s In The Box?

The Americord Collection Kit contains all of the equipment your medical provider will need to collect stem cells as soon as you give birth, and the materials necessary to ensure expedited delivery of stem cells to our laboratory for processing and storage, including:

  • Our collection bag has been approved by the FDA for all births. Manufactured by Pall Corporation, Americord’s cord blood collection kit bag is ready to go for a Cesarean delivery. Unlike some less expensive cord blood bags that can be adapted for C-section births, your doctor does not have to attach or sterilize any parts in order for the bag to be safe in the delivery room during a C-section.
  • All the equipment necessary to collect cord blood, cord tissue, placental tissue, and exosomes. No matter whether you enroll just for cord blood banking, or for cord blood, cord tissue, placental tissue, and exosome banking, Americord includes the equipment for collection from all four sources. This covers you in case you change your mind – even at the very last minute – about which services you want.
  • Easy to follow collection instructions for your medical provider and you, the expecting parents. We also send a copy of the medical consent form to your healthcare provider so if they have any questions, they have the opportunity to contact us in advance.
  • A box that will be used to ship your collection to our lab with the phone number for calling the medical courier. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to have the cord blood collection kit picked up and transported to our lab. 

Americord’s 4-in-1 Collection Kit, which is sent to you as soon as you enroll, makes stem cell preservation easier than ever. After a $199 deposit for the kit, Americord only charges your credit card the remaining balance after your baby is born – and we only charge you for the services you actually used.

If you have any questions, or are ready to enroll, call us today at 866-503-6005.

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