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10 Must-Ask Questions When Comparing Cord Blood Banks

Trying to decide on the best cord blood banking company for your growing family can feel like a daunting task. After all, you only have one chance to bank your baby’s life-saving stem cells – and that’s the day they are born.

We understand the stress. That’s why we’ve crafted a list of 10 must-ask questions to ask every cord blood bank you are considering. This list includes questions on product quality, product safety, hidden fees, and trust issues.

10 Must-Ask Questions When Comparing Cord Blood Banks

  1. What is the benchmark for cord blood storage? 
  2. Do you test the stem cells for viability before storing?
  3. What happens if I fail to collect the recommended minimum Total Nucleated Cells?
  4. What is your quality guarantee should the stem cells fail to engraft?
  5. Do you use FDA approved anticoagulants in your collection kit?
  6. Is your collection kit FDA approved for c-sections (sterilized both inside and outside)?
  7. How long does it take for the kit to arrive at the lab? 
  8. Are there any additional processing fees upon withdrawal?
  9. Do you offer monetary incentives to doctors to promote your services?
  10. Is your lab AABB Accredited
  11. Bonus Question: What is your Net Promoter Score and do you have customer reviews that you can share with me?
  12. Bonus Question: Will you ever raise my monthly or annual payments?

Compare Cord Blood Banks!

Product Quality: In order to know what you are getting for your time and money, you should make sure to ask enough questions to understand their product quality. They should be able to clearly explain the differences between their services/products and their differentiators.

Product Safety: Ensuring the safety of both you and your cord blood or tissue is essential. How they process and store your child’s stem cells is critical. Poor-quality or corner-cutting processing and storage could result in ineligibility for future treatments for your child or family.

Hidden Fees: No one likes to be tricked into additional fees. Make sure you are aware of the total package costs. If you are choosing an annual or over-time payment plan, be aware of annual rate increases. You could be paying significantly more over time!

Trust: Another way to be tricked is in terms of a cord blood bank’s credibility and the way they work with doctors and customers. Don’t be afraid to ask for their Net Promoter Score or external links to customer reviews, like Google, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, or Consumer Affairs. 

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