Treatments & Clinical Trials

Stay informed about the latest breakthroughs in stem cell therapies and clinical trials that hold promise for a wide range of medical conditions. Explore how groundbreaking treatments and ongoing research are paving the way for the future of healthcare.

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Can Placental Tissue Be Used to Treat Burn Victims?

Expecting parents, how can placental tissue banking help your family in the future and is there a benefit to help treat burn victims? Let's find out!

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Stem Cell Treatments for Diabetes

Researchers from around the world are dedicated to unlocking the power of stem cells to help treat Diabetes, a condition that affects so many people.

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Stem Cell Treatments for COVID-19

Can stem cells really be used to treat viral infections like COVID-19?

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Can the Heart Benefit from Stem Cell Treatments?

Researchers have long hoped to discover effective new treatments for difficult-to-treat heart conditions – and they may be getting closer.

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Stem Cell Therapy for Autism

Stem cell therapy for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has been explored for years, with clinical trials frequently making the news and the rounds of online parenting discussion forums.

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Doctor analyzing MRI scan for sclerosis diagnosis.

Multiple Sclerosis and Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatments for the notoriously difficult to treat multiple sclerosis (MS) are frequently in the news, but the potential is not always immediately evident.

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What Are The Benefits of Multipotent Stem Cells in Transplantation?

Stem cell medicine breakthroughs are frequently in the news now, but the truly important developments can get obscured by hopes of miracle cures and failed trials.

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Human organ donor box in an operating room.

Organ Transplant Rejection: The Solution Lies in Stem Cells

Although tissue rejection has always seemed unavoidable with transplants, stem cells may offer a solution. Read about recent trials and studies to learn more.

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How Stem Cells Are Changing Drug Development and Research

As the field of stem cell medicine advances, many researchers expanded their focus to other applications, including drug discovery and drug testing. Learn more.

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