Three Trimesters of Pregnancy: Fetal Development Milestones

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Parenthood is a cherished step some choose to take in life. The moment you find out you’re expecting, you find yourself filled with joy and maybe a bit of nerves as your life changes. But what exactly is happening inside the womb as you await the arrival of your child, and what milestones can you expect of the fetus?

Throughout your pregnancy, your child will develop from a simple egg to a baby.

There are many fetal development milestones your child will meet, starting at the time of fertilization to delivery, including developing a heartbeat during the first trimester and growing a full head of hair in the third trimester. The following infographic gives you an inside look at the milestones the fetus will reach as your pregnancy develops. Continue reading to discover what you can expect in each of the three trimesters.



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