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A person giving a paper cut out of a blood droplet to another person.

Donor Cord Blood Transplantation: Advancements Improving Outcomes for Children

Explore the power of cord blood and how advancements in donor cord blood transplantation have improved outcomes for children in need of life-saving treatments.

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The Difference Between the Newborn Heel Prick Test and myNewborn Health Screening

Your newborn is finally here, now your biggest hope as a parent is a healthy baby. With tests like myNewborn and Heel Prick you can determine this immediately.

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A newborn baby laying peacefully on a white cloth.

Who Can Use My Baby’s Stem Cells?

When deciding whether or not to bank your newborn's stem cells, it's important to consider their use. This article discusses who can use your baby's stem cells.

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A happy couple receiving medical advice from a doctor at a desk.

The Importance of Preconception Care

Preconception care ensures future families are prepared for a healthy pregnancy. Invest in your future child's health with stem cell storage at Americord®.

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A caring mother embracing an adorable infant in a heartwarming gesture of love and tenderness.

Understanding Stem Cell Therapy for ALS

Stem cell therapy has shown promise as a potential treatment for ALS. Store stem cells found in cord blood with Americord to help protect your family's health.

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A person in blue gloves holding a test tube in a laboratory setting.

Different Types of Stem Cells and Their Use

Exploring a variety of newborn stem cells and how they can be used in application. We will also discuss what exosomes are and the role they can play as well.

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A doctor holding a medical device showcasing regenerative medicine.

Regenerative Medicine: A Pathway to a Healthier Future

What is regenerative medicine and how does it alter the future of medical treatments? Let's discuss how regenerative medicine will lead to a healthier future.

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A heart-shaped icon with a pulsating line representing a heartbeat, symbolizing vitality and life.

Unveiling the Future: How Newborn Health Screening can Shape Your Child’s Health

Newborn health screening is a crucial first step in determining the health of your newborn baby. With tests like myNewborn by Americord, insights are boundless.

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Healthcare provider  gently holds a patient's hand offering reassurance.

Stem Cell Therapy for Parkinson’s

Stem cell therapy has shown promising results for Parkinson's. Using cord blood can be a non-invasive and effective way to help family members. Learn more here.

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