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A mother carrying breastfeeding her child providing care and nutrition.

Top 10 Tips About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a natural and important process that provides numerous benefits for both mothers and their babies.

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Red background with with crying baby image.

4 Best Ways to Cope with Crying Babies

Coping with crying babies can be a challenging and stressful experience for any new parent. We've outlined steps you can take to help manage those feelings.

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A pregnant woman enjoying a meal while sitting on a couch.

Labor-Inducing Foods

Are there any labor-inducing foods to try during pregnancy? This post by Americord® covers some common foods and other techniques that may help induce labor.

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A white bathtub filled with bubbles.

Should I Delay Bathing my Newborn?

Delaying a newborn's bath can provide many benefits for your baby, including reducing stress and protecting from infection. Here's why it's crucial to wait.

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A healthcare professional carrying a baby, umbilical cord and placenta mock up.

Are There Benefits to Lotus Births?

While lotus births seem to have some benefits, the research is limited. Click here to learn more about the practice and the available data with Americord®.

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A mother gently holding a baby in her arms.

Training for Easier Childbirth

What makes childbirth easier? Browse tips and methods for reducing pain, staying relaxed, and preparing for labor and delivery in this guide by Americord.

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An image of an umbrella and chair under the sun.

Planning for a Babymoon

A babymoon offers a much-needed escape during pregnancy. Browse our tips for planning a babymoon — including activities, locations, and things to pack!

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A hospital building icon depicted on an orange background.

Choosing a Maternity Hospital

Choosing a maternity hospital is a vital step in preparing for labor and childbirth. Discover tips for picking the right delivery hospital with Americord!

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A child sleeping while hugging a teddy bear.

Baby’s Sleeping Patterns

Helping your newborn build strong sleeping habits is essential for their growth and development. Discover tips for sleep training a newborn with Americord!

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