BioBanking & Genomic Services

Banking your baby’s stem cells and perinatal tissues is one of the most important choices you’ll ever make for your child, and we’re here to help! You’ll find all the insights and information you’ll need to make the best decision for your family.

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Inherited Disorders: How Newborn Health Screening Can Make a Difference

Detecting inherited diseases in easier than ever before. With tests like myNewborn Health Screening, parents can test their newborn for nearly 400 diseases.

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The Difference Between the Newborn Heel Prick Test and myNewborn Health Screening

Your newborn is finally here, now your biggest hope as a parent is a healthy baby. With tests like myNewborn and Heel Prick you can determine this immediately.

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Different Types of Stem Cells and Their Use

Exploring a variety of newborn stem cells and how they can be used in application. We will also discuss what exosomes are and the role they can play as well.

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Unveiling the Future: How Newborn Health Screening can Shape Your Child’s Health

Newborn health screening is a crucial first step in determining the health of your newborn baby. With tests like myNewborn by Americord, insights are boundless.

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Genetic Testing for Adoptees: Is it Worthwhile?

Is clinical genetic testing for adoptees worth it? Click here to learn about this procedure and its benefits. Contact Americord for newborn genetic testing.

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Omisirge: A Groundbreaking Advancement in Cord Blood Stem Cell Treatment

FDA approval of Omisirge expands the potential of cord blood stem cell therapies by increasing stem cell counts, creating more possibility for more patients.

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Americord’s In-House Lab Safety and Security

At the Americord in-house lab, expectant parents can feel confident in the safety and security of their baby's stem cells.

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Lifetime Storage

After making the decision to bank cord blood, you will be faced with deciding how long to store the cells. Lifetime storage offers more flexibility, here's why.

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How Long Can Stem Cells be Stored?

Proper storage pauses the stem cell life span so families can preserve and use stem cells if needed. Choose Americord for your stem cell storage needs.

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