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Americord Welcomes Casey Stoneman Roberson as Director of Marketing & Brand Development

Casey will lead all marketing initiatives in close collaboration with research and development and sales to further position Americord as the trusted industry leader.

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Americord Releases Cord Blood Stem Cells for the Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease

Americord’s release allowed doctors to treat a child with sickle cell disease with cord blood stem cells from a sibling who did not have the condition.

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Americord Promotes Client Bill of Rights During Cord Blood Awareness Month

As part of Cord Blood Awareness Month, Americord Registry reminds expecting parents of the Americord Client Bill of Rights.

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Why Scheana and Brock Chose Americord

Read a testimonial from an Americord couple, Scheana Shay and Brock Davies, on why they chose us to bank their baby's cord blood, tissue, and placental tissue.

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Americord Distributes Thousands of Face Masks to Impacted OBGYN Practices

Americord decided to spark a partnership with the hospital staff and the OB/GYN offices and distribute thousands of face masks.

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Why Doug and Jamie Chose Americord

When we talk to expecting parents about their plans to bank their newborn’s cord blood, one of the most common questions we’re asked is “Why?”

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Americord Offers New Option for Banking Placental Tissue

Americord believes in the importance of offering new mothers an opportunity to preserve their stem cells for potential future use.

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Americord Yields 60% More CD34+ Stem Cells

Americord Yields 60% More CD34+ Stem Cells, 54% More Cord Blood, and 34% Higher TNC Than Competitors.

Whitney Port's testimonial for Americord.

Whitney Port: Pregnancy & Cord Blood Banking

Whitney Eve Port, American fashion designer, author, and television personality, recently banked her son Sunny's umbilical cord blood with Americord.