Pregnancy & Parenting

Navigate the incredible journey of pregnancy and parenting with expert insights, helpful tips, and valuable resources. From prenatal care to early childhood development, we are your trusted companion for all things related to growing and nurturing your family.

A persons hand holding a baby's tiny feet.

Newborn Tips: Keep Your Baby Safe at Home

Keep your baby safe at home with newborn tips from Americord. Learn how our stem cell storage can benefit your child and family's health by contacting us!

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A woman in a pink dress, showcasing her pregnancy.

Tips for Pregnancy: The Third Trimester

Read Americord's tips for navigating the third trimester of pregnancy, including signs of labor, how to handle pain and discomfort, and more.

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Your Guide to Financial Planning for a Future Baby

There is a lot to account for when you're getting ready to welcome a new baby. Learn what you'll have to budget for in preparation for your baby!

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Silhouette of pregnant woman on blue background.

Top Tips for the Second Trimester

The second trimester is 14 weeks long. Every mom is different, but your baby bump should start showing and you are saying goodbye to fatigue and nauseousness.

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Mother and child preparing food together.

Postpartum Nutrition: How Proper Diet Can Help with Postpartum Depression

Discover ways that postpartum mothers can utilize their diet to alleviate symptoms of postpartum depression.

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Two envelopes decorated with heart symbol.

5 Valentine-Inspired Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you are ready to announce to the world your happy news in February, you could do a Valentine-inspired baby announcement!

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Icon of a baby in the womb.

Potential Pregnancy Benefits: Stem Cells from Fetus to Mother

Did you know that baby’s cells can also pass the other direction, to the mother, and can still be found in her body after birth? Learn about it in our blog!

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Two hands clasped together in a heart shape.

9 of the Best Things About Being a Parent

Welcoming a newborn can be tough- we are here to remind you of the best parts of being a parent as some encouragement!

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A loving hand cradles a precious baby next to a heart symbol.

Tips to Prepare for Motherhood

Navigating motherhood can be difficult, especially for first-time Moms! We've put together some tips to help you prepare.

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